The Process of an Uncontested Divorce

The Process of an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

Dissolving your marriage is never easy, it can be a very emotional time for all parties involved.  Not having to go through a long and drawn out court proceeding can make the whole thing a little less painful.  Most states today will allow you to go through the process of an uncontested divorce, it is simple and inexpensive and it can protect your privacy.

Saving You Time and Money

Even an uncontested divorce is going to cost you money however it is far less than what you would need to pay if both parties couldn’t come to terms ahead of time.  Uncontested divorces are much quicker, you only need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and have an attorney file it for you.  Court appearances are unnecessary and you can even use the same attorney in most cases as long as both parties are agreeable.  While you and your spouse can file your divorce on your own an attorney can make sure the paperwork is filled out properly and submitted to the court.  Here is a look at how an uncontested divorce can work.

When an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma is not Possible

If there are issues in the divorce that you simply cannot come to an agreement on, such as custody of the children or financial issues then an uncontested divorce is out of the question.  There are some states that won’t allow an uncontested divorce if children are involved.  In almost all cases the court will encourage you to settle your differences on your own where you can.

You are under no obligation to come to an agreement and the court gives you recourse when uncontested divorces are not possible.  You and your spouse should be aware of the differences between contested and uncontested divorces, along with the ramifications and costs of choosing to go to court. Some people try to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer, but they find that the process can be extremely difficult when the parties are not agreeable. When you need help, you should talk to one of our lawyers by CLICKING HERE. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to help you navigate the legal jungle without the hassle of using a paralegal! Let us help you WIN!

Coming to an Agreement

If you and your spouse have remained on good terms and simply choose to part ways and you have everything worked out between you then an uncontested divorce makes life easier for everyone.  An uncontested divorce also allows you to protect your privacy, your divorce will be a matter of public record but not the details.

You don’t have to agree on the reasons why you are choosing to get a divorce in order for you to proceed with an uncontested divorce.  You do need to agree on how you will divide the marital assets and how custody of the children is to be arranged.

Divorce is an emotional time, but if you allow clearer heads to prevail you may find that an uncontested divorce is the best solution for all parties involved.