The Many Reasons Why Silicone Wristbands are so Popular

Silicone wristbands have been around for quite some time. They are mostly identified as awareness bracelets and have been used to promote various causes. They are also often seen worn by sports fans who wear customized bracelets that carry their team logos. This is a way for them to show their love and support for their favorite teams. Night clubs are now also using these bracelets to control the access in their premises, as well as to affirm restriction levels for their customers. Young customers are given bracelets that indicate they are under the drinking age so they will not be mistakenly served alcoholic beverages. So aside from being a fashionable accessory, these bracelets also have other useful purposes.

Silicone wristbands can be customized to match a customer’s preferences as far as design goes. This is one of the reasons they are so popular since they can be used for a variety of occasions. They come in different colors and band sizes. Words, phrases and artwork can also be imprinted on them.

Silicon wristbandsThere are a number of ways the lettering can be added onto to the wristband. The width of the band determines the type of fonts and designs that goes on the bracelet. Clients who have specific branding can have their personalized logos, scripting and colors be replicated on these bracelets. They can also choose the way they would be set on the band. Some of the more popular styles including: embossing, debossing, and silk screening.


This method engraves the words and logos onto the surface of the band, giving it a clean and simple finish. This style is considered a classic, and is the most popular choice for this type of accessory. A variation of this style is debossed with paint. With this option the engraved letters are filled in with color.


This is for those who want lettering on their bracelet that has a more distinctive finish. With this method the words that are set on the surface of the band are elevated instead of molded in. This makes the text pop so that it’s more attention getting. This type of bracelet has that understated cool factor since it conveys a message in a more subtle way.

Silk screened

This option imprints text and logos direct onto the surface of the wristband. This silkscreen method is the best choice for those who want to apply complicated logos and artwork onto their bracelets. The downside to this option is that overtime the ink from the lettering wears off of the band.

Silicone wristbands are known for their durability so they can be worn while arduous activities and sporting events. This material is also waterproof so that it doesn’t absorb sweat. It’s also become common practice for manufacturers to use tested medical-grade silicone so that they prevent skin irritation.

The easiest way to buy this type of accessories is to go online. Gel bracelet manufacturers often have websites that enable individuals to place an order online. The best way to order these customized bracelets would be in bulks. Most manufacturers offer discounted pricing when purchased in larger quantities. Once an order has been placed, the customers receive a digital preview of their merchandise. This way, they can check for any mistakes and view the design on their bracelets before it even goes into production. Since often times these accessories are used by organizations as awareness bracelets it’s important to get the details right. Once a customer has viewed the merchandise they can then go ahead and inform the manufacturer to proceed with their order.

Silicone wristbands are valued for being more than just a cool accessory. They are important for people who want to express themselves. They also allow individuals to spread the word regarding their beliefs and causes. This is why they are an invaluable part of many people’s fashion repertoire.

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