8 Eye-opening Facts You Must Know About Military Patches

It’s good to have basic knowledge about military patches before asking an expert. In this way, you may be able to determine if some of the statements of the expert are true. Let’s see how much you’re willing to learn about the patches.

What Are The Advantages of Military Patches?

PatchesThe patches can help you determine which organization that military members belong to. Military members who have an army patch protect other people by fighting on land. Military members who have a coast guard patch, navy patch, or marine corps patch protect other people at sea . An air force patch is for military members who protect other people by fighting in the air.

The number of “V” shapes that the patch has may help you determine the rank of military members. A military member has the lowest rank if his patch has one “V” shape. The highest rank is assigned to a military member who has a patch that has three or more “V” shapes. A patch with two “V” shapes is designated to a military member who has a middle rank.

How Does A Military Member Clean The Patches?

Distilled water and mild liquid detergent are used to clean the patches. The military member mixes the ingredients in a plastic basin. He soaks the patches and takes them out after a couple of minutes. He rinses the patches with cold water and pats the patches dry with a paper towel. He may substitute the paper towel with a soft, white towel.

How Are The Patches Applied To The Military Uniform?

Velcro is used to apply the patches to the combat military uniforms. The patches must be sewn on the formal military uniforms.

Where Are The Military Patches Usually Attached?

These are the areas where the military members attach their patches:

1. Center of the upper part of the sleeve.
2. Front part of the combat helmet.
3. Backpack
4. Shoulders
5. Above the breast pocket
6. Collar
7. Front part of a round, flat cap.
8. Body armor

Where Do Military Members Store Their Patches?

Military members store the patches in small, open containers. This is because the containers allow air to move through the patches. Without air, the patches may accumulate dirt and molds overtime.

Can Military Members Apply Patches In Any Size?

Patches that are less than 3 inches in width and height are usually worn on the sleeves and chest of the uniform. A military member can wear the patch on his shoulders as long as it’s 3 inches in height and width.

Do Military Members Only Wear Colorful Military Patches?

The military members also wear the non-colorful patches. These patches are only worn if the military members are wearing the combat military uniform. The colorful patches are only worn if the military members are wearing the formal military uniform.

Do Military Members Display The Patches If They Don’t Wear Them Anymore?

Shadow boxes and scrapbook binders are places where military members usually display their patches. If a military member wants to display his patches in the shadow box, he has to open the shadow box to separate its backing.

He will position the patches on the shadow box’s backing until he’s satisfied with the layout. A small dab of hot glue will be applied to the back of the patches. He attaches the patches to the backing. The shadow box will be closed afterwards.

If he wants to display his patches in a scrapbook binder, he has to determine how many patches will fit in each sheet of the scrapbook. He will position the patches on each scrapbook sheet. A double-sided tape will be applied to the back of each patch. He presses the patches firmly onto the scrapbook sheets. Each scrapbook sheet is carefully inserted in the scrapbook’s plastic sheet.

Military patches can be worn, displayed, and applied in different ways. You’ll know how to store and clean the patches when you have them.