Accomplishing Portable Security

fireproof safe Every person has his own possession, property, and asset that he wants to secure and guard for as long as he can. It can be a document, money, or other stuff that has tangible importance to him. Luckily, there are various tools and methods that promote security for one’s valuables. Yet each tool is customized to fit and accommodate its consumer’s needs. It can be compared as to how houses are built according to their holder, or how cars befit their owner. A safe can be likely defined as a portable vault. It is typically a lockable chest that is used for securing objects or documents against fire, theft, etc.

Safes are made by either steel casting or plastic molding. It can be distinctly secured to a wall and structure or can be carried around. Also, it can either have a slit opening for dropping valuables or initiate a time-delay combination lock to avoid robbery. There are a few specifications for safes. The most commonly known are the theft-resistance safes, wall safes, and fireproof safes.

Theft-resistance safes are often secured by installing time-delay combination locks, regular combination key locks, and other type of electronic locking. Yet, to make it an efficient burglar-proof safe, it is specifically hardened and molded to resist damages from tools that can be used to attack and destroy it.

wall safeOn the other hand, wall safes are intended to provide hidden security for money and other valuables. These safes are commonly shown in movies in which jewels and documents are concealed by paintings that are pinned against the walls. This can also be classified as theft-resistance safes since it offers pry sunken doors with concealed joints.

Lastly, fireproof safes are some of the most popular types of safes. It is explicitly designed to protect its contents from fire. It is practically rated by the amount of time it can endure high temperature caused by an actual fire while not surpassing its defined internal temperature. Fireproof safes are expensive since they are also reinforced against dangerous chemicals. Its standard is identified to sustain an internal temperature no greater than 177 °C (351 °F) while in a continuously heated environment in excess of 1,000 °C (1,830 °F). This safe is tested with these given temperatures and usually prolonged at least 30 minutes or more depending on its grade. Moreover, it is tested to withstand ‘physical’ damage impact by allowing it to be dropped in a solid surface at a specified height and then testing it again for fire survivability. It is seen as an efficient way of testing safes and thus to further ensure its effectiveness and flexible functionality. Basically, a fireproof safe is the type of portable vault that one can use at home or office. It is essentially made to provide security for unfortunate yet commonly identified disasters that can destroy one’s valuables and treasures per se in an indoor environment. An mounted to a concrete floor is a very good example of fireproof safes.

What difference does it make in one’s life if he will use a safe? Evidently, it will increase the probability of his assets and valuables to be kept hidden and secured for a long period of time. His physical assets will therefore extend their ‘life’ and be sustained capably. The types of safe that are identified above will educate the potential consumers to find and identify the safe that is suitable for their needs and priorities. They are also carefully defined since they are different from each other. And they also have unique functionalities that are specifically made to prevent untoward life circumstances.