Dealing with skeptics and cynics

It is a futile effort to try to please everybody. Everyone will have his/her opinions and experiences that will affect how each person deals with everyday life. Cynics are those who are distrustful of humanity. They do not believe in the concept of altruism and for them, at the end of the day, humans will almost always uphold his/her self interests. Cynics commonly believe that motivational speakers only do what they do because of money, claim to fame or for some hidden agenda. They also have a tendency to frown upon positive emotions. Skeptics, on the other hand, question the truth upon everything especially those facts that are commonly accepted. Most of these people could have spent a great time reading or are experts on their own respective field. Both types of audience members present a challenge to motivational speakers. Here are ways in which you can deal with them without losing your cool:

Be open and understand them.

speakerIf your enemy is using fire, do not try to fight him/her with fire or both of you will end up destroying each other. If a cynic or skeptic tries to ask question or to voice out his/her opinions, be open and listen to what the person has to say. Understand that sometimes, people (particularly cynics) have bad experiences that led them to adopt a negative approach to life and speaking up and challenging you is a way to voice out their frustrations. Being fortunate to be blessed with positivity, you must be open and you should try to find a common ground between the person’s ideals and your beliefs.

Do not try too hard to be defensive.

This might sound as counter intuitive, but this is true. Welcoming intrusions and questions is the more positive way of doing things. Instead of trying to block whatever is a cynic or skeptic is trying to say, demonstrate a genuine interest on the other person’s view, and treat it as an opportunity to reflect on your belief systems and to grow. Being welcoming to other ideas works well with skeptics as these people think they know more (and most of the time they are!) so they have a tendency to feel as if they need to be respected and listened to. Aspiring motivational speakers should remember that life is not about proving others wrong or proving that they are right. Life is about living and practicing your beliefs the best way you can.

Do your homework.

This applies more for the skeptics. You should always discuss both the positive and negative sides of your material. If there are scientific studies that support your methods, it is wise to also present some studies that say otherwise. In this way, a skeptic would know that you are not entirely unschooled and you do not just prefer studying materials that would support your beliefs. Losing to a skeptic might lead to losing the whole audience especially if the skeptic is a known expert. Mastery of your material is key!

Make your audience list their issues regarding your topic.

Doing this beforehand will allow you to identify the skeptics and cynics in the room. You are not doing this to single them out and kick them out of the room! You are doing this so that you can anticipate their issues and later questions. Skilled motivational speakers can easily adapt the way they discuss their materials such that they can deter debates regardingthe issues listed by skeptics and cynics.

Engage the audience

This will work more for the cynic. When a cynic asks a provocative question, they may sound as if they are trying to lure you into a debate. Do not fall for that. Instead, engage the audience by asking questions likes: “Who among you shares the same sentiment?” or “If you are in his/her situation, what would you do?”

Bring the boss.

This is obviously applies on company workshops and seminars. Requesting for the presence of a higher-up may temper heckling tendencies of some audience members. This is not a guarantee but this may help prevent any disruptive behavior.

Motivational speaker should remember to objectify the comments, criticisms or sometimes even the heckling tendencies of skeptics and cynics. Most of the time, skeptics and cynics hold nothing personal against you and your work in general. Acknowledge the fact that they may just know something that you do not know or they may have just experienced something that you have not experienced. In case of the former, knowing your topic or material well and preparing for any negative comments is key.

The Lady Golfer and her Taylormade Golf Clubs

Regardless if the golfer is a man or a woman, Taylormade golf uses or applies the same technology in producing quality golf clubs. What are taken into considerations while creating the golf clubs for ladies are the length or height, weight, and flexibility of the golf clubs. Most ladies have small or petite physique and the have slower swing speed as compared to men. The clubs that are especially designed for lady golfers will allow these women to gain more advantages and benefits when playing golf.

Although color has nothing to do with how a woman plays her game (there are women who are more confident if they are wearing their favorite color), the shaft of her golf club is usually in pastel colors.

The Difference in Drivers

The drivers that are especially made for lady golfers have 12-degree loft minimum, while the driver that men use have nine to eleven degrees loft. Higher loft degrees can help lady golfers launch the ball off the tee without trouble. The drivers that the ladies use are also lighter than the drivers that men use. The Taylormade golf ladies’ drivers allow them to get better distance and speed, as well as higher trajectory when they hit the golf ball off tee.

The Ladies’ Woods

golfLadies’ woods are also lighter than that of men’s and have higher loft degree. Ladies’ woods also have a wider selection to offer. Ladies appreciate the 13-wood which is a remarkable substitute for a long iron because ladies will surely find it easier to use.

The Irons for Ladies

The iron for ladies has a slightly heavier club head but, overall, the entire golf club is still lighter than that of men’s. The said iron has a softer flex. The shaft of the ladies’ iron is also shorter than men’s and this is because most women have shorter stature than men. The design is carefully created to compensate for the ladies’ slower swing pace.

The Material in the Ladies’ Shafts

The golf clubs especially designed for ladies usually have graphite shafts because graphite is comparatively lighter than steel. Men’s golf clubs often provide a choice between steel and graphite shafts for men who prefer the usual weight of golf club or the lighter one. It is also possible to have a softer flex when using a club with graphite shafts which can also give way to a better club head position.

The Grip

The grips on ladies’ golf clubs, like the ones that Taylormade golf provides, have smaller diameter and shorter length as compared to men’s. The women’s hands are comparatively smaller than the men’s hands and it is only right to design a grip that can easily fit in their hands. If a golfer has a good grip, then it is possible to deliver a successful swing.

golfsAlthough there are some women who possess the physique of a man, a majority of women have smaller stature than men. Also, a number of lady golfers have smaller frame and manufacturers of golf clubs only want them to enjoy the game more by providing them with extra comfort that the right-sized golf clubs can give.

Unlike before when women were treated practically like slaves that could do nothing but obey, a modern woman have privilege to participate in a man’s dominated worlds including golf tournaments. The society recognizes the contribution of women in making things better and gives them an equal opportunity to enjoy the things that men enjoy. Golf manufacturers, like Taylormade golf, know that lady golfers are physically lacking in some things as compared to men golfers. The manufacturers tend to help the lady golfers overcome the things that limit their capability by giving them the right golf club allies that are especially designed for their needs and make them realize their goal.

Three Reasons Why You Must Use Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are very useful tools in keeping items which are either out of season or simply can’t be thrown away due to the memories each one presents.

For many years, the self-storage industry has been steadily growing as people from all walks of life continue to store their most precious belongings. The items kept are passed down from one generation to the next. It even allows items to be transferred to one location after another depending on the family’s request. With portable storage containers, transferring has been made easy and more organized. It has even allowed items to be preserved more with tightly sealed containers which limit elements that damage it.

Portable-Storage-ContainerAt present, there are now more than 3,000 facilities that offers this self-storage. Most of these can be moved from one place to another. Back then people need to lease space to store their items. This concept has been challenged with mobile containers which are storage units that can be driven from the owner’s home and stored to a different location. You don’t need to hassle yourself in driving to the facility with your items. All you need to do is wait for the unit as it is driven to your home, store the items there, and have it driven back to the facility. These also offer a number of benefits. Here are the top three reasons why one must opt for portable storage containers.

Minimal effort is needed in storing items.

Back then, families needed to drive their way to a storage location to store their most valued items. These can be a hassle especially if they plan to store more items than their van can carry. At times, they need to hire a truck to transfer their items from their home to the storage facility. With portable storage containers, they are able to place their items easily as it can be driven to their home. All they need to do is load it and let it be driven to a certain location. It is also at ground level so they don’t need a ramp to get inside it when they feel like checking out an item from the storage.

You can organize storing of items.

Storage containers are more flexible than self-storage lockers. The portable containers come in different sizes from small cubed one to full length cargo sizes. They have hooks and loops on walls that let you secure items such as belts or cords. These can also be useful when moving the containers from one location to another as it secures items. It also assures you the items won’t be easily damaged since you can organize it more effectively. Items are more secured with locking mechanism.

One of the reasons why other families prefer their items kept in attics or their basement is burglary. They want their stuff to be safe from such threats. With portable storage containers, they can save themselves from both clutter and the worry of such threats. All their items are kept safe thanks to the locking mechanism portable containers now possess.

Portable containers now have locking mechanisms that allow owners to use their own locks. This means that they have access to the inside of the unit. Another security is the fact that these are kept with other storage containers which makes it hard for anyone other than the owners to check out. The locations can also be moved.

Having portable storage containers can really help you with keeping your house free from clutter and keeping precious memories safer. You don’t have to worry about weather or burglars since these containers are resistant to such threats.

Custom Challenge Coins and its History

Custom challenge coins are medallions or tokens that are commonly used in the military. These tokens arecustom challenge coins approximately 1/10-inch thick and about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. These are commonly made from copper, nickel, silver, bronze, pewter and other kinds of metal. Some coins have arrow and shield designs. Some have enamel highlights and complex shapes.

The complexity or simplicity of the design of the custom challenge coin depends on the organization’s symbol, emblem, insignia or motto which can prove one’s membership and rank.

A challenge tradition using these coins is commonly done to increase one’s morale and achievement. There are times that a challenge coin is used to trade for a coin of another organization.

History of Custom Challenge Coins

The history of custom challenge coins is still unclear. There are few evidences about the origin of the challenge coins. Some say that the Roman empire used coins as rewards to the soldiers, mainly to recognize their achievements.

One famous story of its origin can be traced back to World War I. During that time, United Stated formed new flying squadrons in which some of its troops came from wealthy scions who quit school so they could join the war.

In one of these squadrons was a wealthy lieutenant who bought bronze medallions to give to his unit. One of the pilots placed his token inside his leather purse, which is tied around his neck.

Unfortunately, these pilots were gunned down and this young pilot, who placed his coin inside a small leather purse, was forced to land close to his German enemies. He was captured by these Germans, and all of his personal identification was taken except his small leather purse.

One night, the young pilot escaped by taking advantage of bombings. From then on, he disguised himself as a common civilian to escape from German patrols. He was able to make his way to France.

However, the French thought that he was a spy and he was scheduled for execution because he failed to prove his identity as an ally. He instead presented the medallion from his small leather purse. The French recognized the insignia of alliance and delayed his execution that paved way to confirm his identity. Because of that, he received a bottle of wine from them.

The second story that tells how custom challenge coins came to be happened during World War II. It is said that it was the Office of Strategic Service that first used the coins.

The coins were used as local coins to prove a person’s identity and membership. These coins were struck with a specific type and date depending which party a person belongs to. With the help of this coin, spies would be identified and captured.

The third story was about an American soldier who carried a Philippine silver coin struck with a unit insignia. This soldier was to attend a meeting with Philippine guerrillas during World War II. This coin was very important because it was used to identify which soldier was an ally in the mission against the Japanese.

It is also said that Colonel William Quinn was the first to use the challenge coins. He gave coins to the soldiers who served in his Infantry Regiment during the 1950’s during the post-Korean Conflict.

Today a custom challenge coin is used as an award, given for higher morale and commemoration. The Air Force uses Airman’s coin as a medallion for personnels who have completed their training. Leatherneck Magazine gave challenge coins to some of its readers during their 90th anniversary.

The history of the challenge coins only proves its importance. These have been witnesses of war and loyalty. Because of its significance, acquiring a challenge coin is truly an honor.

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6 Top Services You Can Get from Long Island Web Design

Having a business nowadays involves creating and maintaining a website. If you do not have one, you will most probably lose potential clients. Having a website is one way for your customers to know more about your brand, build relationship with your existing consumers and reach out to your prospective clients.

Long Island web design companies can provide you with all the necessary services to help you get started with your own website:

1. Web Design

Web design includes the process of setting up the site, creating identity for you and your business, placing your products or services effectively and finally promoting your business to online communities.

Web DesignLong Island web design professionals know that web design is a process that involves discussion between the designer and the client. For a web designer to create a website that reflects your company, they need the client’s input.

2. Redesign

Website redesigning is another service offered by Long Island web design companies. Just think of a website as a house, it can get stale and boring as time goes by. When potential customers turn to your website for some information, the website itself reflects you and your company.

Businesses are competitive nowadays. It’s always about who catches the attention of most people. If you stick with the same design, you will definitely be left behind. Redesigning is one way to get it refurbished so as to create a successful platform.

3. Content Management

Having web content is like having your own microphone. You can speak your mind and talk about your products and services freely. You can reach out to wider audience all around the globe. Businesses can never be successful without content.

However, there lies the problem of not being knowledgeable on HTML and other programming languages. With the help of Long Island web design professionals, you never have to worry about not knowing anything about technical stuff. They will give you solution so you can easily write, upload images and edit content without worrying about HTML.

4. Responsive Web Design

It is not enough that your website is fully functional when accessed in desktops or laptops. People are turned to their mobile phones and tablets all the time so it is important that your website loads quickly and without any problem in all mobile devices as well.

Think about it. When someone tries to access your site using their mobile phone and your website is not entirely responsive, that person will most likely just use other website instead of yours.

5. E-commerce Design

Online stores make use of Ecommerce web design to enable business to transact sales over the internet. Long Island web design offers setting up of simple shopping carts to carts with complete features.

Seo Web DesignIf you have observed, even those businesses with physical stores still incorporate shopping carts on their website. This has greatly boosted their sales and allows them to successfully compete with others.

There is always an ecommerce solution provided for different entrepreneurs such as bloggers or small retailers.

6. Blog Design

Online stores also incorporate or link their blogs to their website. What is the importance of a blog in your business? This is basically a source of information about your business. At the same time, this will help you rank higher in the search engine results. Remember though that having a blog site is not enough. You need to have it constantly updated to ensure that your website remains to be at the top of the search results.

Information and search result ranking are some of the reasons why businesses integrate blogs to their website. Although it can be built separately, web designers can install a blog site within an existing website.

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The Many Reasons Why Silicone Wristbands are so Popular

Silicone wristbands have been around for quite some time. They are mostly identified as awareness bracelets and have been used to promote various causes. They are also often seen worn by sports fans who wear customized bracelets that carry their team logos. This is a way for them to show their love and support for their favorite teams. Night clubs are now also using these bracelets to control the access in their premises, as well as to affirm restriction levels for their customers. Young customers are given bracelets that indicate they are under the drinking age so they will not be mistakenly served alcoholic beverages. So aside from being a fashionable accessory, these bracelets also have other useful purposes.

Silicone wristbands can be customized to match a customer’s preferences as far as design goes. This is one of the reasons they are so popular since they can be used for a variety of occasions. They come in different colors and band sizes. Words, phrases and artwork can also be imprinted on them.

Silicon wristbandsThere are a number of ways the lettering can be added onto to the wristband. The width of the band determines the type of fonts and designs that goes on the bracelet. Clients who have specific branding can have their personalized logos, scripting and colors be replicated on these bracelets. They can also choose the way they would be set on the band. Some of the more popular styles including: embossing, debossing, and silk screening.


This method engraves the words and logos onto the surface of the band, giving it a clean and simple finish. This style is considered a classic, and is the most popular choice for this type of accessory. A variation of this style is debossed with paint. With this option the engraved letters are filled in with color.


This is for those who want lettering on their bracelet that has a more distinctive finish. With this method the words that are set on the surface of the band are elevated instead of molded in. This makes the text pop so that it’s more attention getting. This type of bracelet has that understated cool factor since it conveys a message in a more subtle way.

Silk screened

This option imprints text and logos direct onto the surface of the wristband. This silkscreen method is the best choice for those who want to apply complicated logos and artwork onto their bracelets. The downside to this option is that overtime the ink from the lettering wears off of the band.

Silicone wristbands are known for their durability so they can be worn while arduous activities and sporting events. This material is also waterproof so that it doesn’t absorb sweat. It’s also become common practice for manufacturers to use tested medical-grade silicone so that they prevent skin irritation.

The easiest way to buy this type of accessories is to go online. Gel bracelet manufacturers often have websites that enable individuals to place an order online. The best way to order these customized bracelets would be in bulks. Most manufacturers offer discounted pricing when purchased in larger quantities. Once an order has been placed, the customers receive a digital preview of their merchandise. This way, they can check for any mistakes and view the design on their bracelets before it even goes into production. Since often times these accessories are used by organizations as awareness bracelets it’s important to get the details right. Once a customer has viewed the merchandise they can then go ahead and inform the manufacturer to proceed with their order.

Silicone wristbands are valued for being more than just a cool accessory. They are important for people who want to express themselves. They also allow individuals to spread the word regarding their beliefs and causes. This is why they are an invaluable part of many people’s fashion repertoire.

Creating Noise Online With Article Writing

Establishing a brand online is not an easy task. There was a time in the past where you could throw up a site and get a ton of traffic. You didn’t have to do a lot of work in terms of marketing, and you could easily get to the top of search queries. However, the changes in search engines have made all of this harder than ever before. Without focusing on several elements, you could end up losing sight of the bigger picture, and lose any sort of audience that you may be trying to build. The reason why so many sites fail to capture the top ranking within many niches is because they don’t look at the changes that have gone through in search results. Search companies are working towards streamlining their results to only have the utmost relevant content. That means that if you’re not working within the confines of article writing as part of your marketing collateral, you will be left behind. This doesn’t just have a one sided formula. It once was an easy thing. You could publish 400 to 500 words with the mention of a keyword once or twice and see a jump. You could even stuff keywords into place and see a huge jump. However, the changes that are now in place do not allow article writing that is obviously mean to “game” the system.

The Starting Line of Article Writing

Article WritingIf you’ve never really looked at things in this arena, it’s time to start working on it. You could hire a good writer to craft these for you, or you could learn how to do it on your own. The goal is to have a lot of information online that points towards your authority on the subject. If you can promote the authority that you have within your niche, you will see conversions. In order to see conversion rates that are going to pay off dividends, writing takes a driver’s seat. Writing doesn’t just help you establish your authority, it helps with creating leverage within search engines. Search results are usually just relevant answers to informal questions. As the end users looks to search engines to give them relevant information and links, you’ll find that your page can gain traffic as a result. If you want targeted results, however, you’ll need to look at creating content that is in line with their protocol.

Enter Keyword Generation

As mentioned above, you will need to pull in a lot of traffic that comes through search results. In order to do that, you’ll need to rely heavily on article writing that isolates certain words. These are called keywords. Some are short, one word options, and others are more complex. You could even have repetitive keywords that are in the form of a phrase. The goal is to make sure that this content is relevant to the search queries, but also reads well. It’s a balancing act that professionals can help you attain. This is not without serious thought, so don’t assume that you can just publish anything and see a huge jump in your results overall. It’s important to delineate the right pieces here. Done right, you can get to the top of hard fought niches, and see conversion rates that will give you a fighting chance online.

The Long Term Investment

For those that are looking for short term SEO concepts, this is not it. Sure, you could publish a great deal of content today, and then go forward for the next few months. However, in order to usurp traffic from other sources, you will need to keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Internet marketing is comprised of several branches, and while they include writing, they also include other pieces. For instance, you will need to look into video marketing, audio marketing, reviews, infographics, and much more. These all work together to create a lasting impression online. Done right, balanced correctly, and pushed through with article writing at the helm, you can see results start to trickle down in time. There is no “speedy” way to do this, however. Your niche may contain heavy competition. If that’s the case, you can end up with a large chasm to cross before you see results. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it just means that you’ll need to stick to marketing with writing over a long period of time. It’s a long term commitment that pays off in terms of targeted traffic, that’s for sure.

When you’re looking at creating a lot of attention online, you will need to rely heavily on writing. Writing is the crux of a lot of marketing channels. Done right, you will see a deluge of traffic come through as you target niche audiences. Done wrong, and you will not see much of an impact in your niche. It takes time, there’s no doubt about that.

First-Time Homebuyer Home Ownership Grant for Homes for Sale Long Island

Do you continuously dream buying your own home because you don’t have enough to cover the cost of a particular Long Island home for sale? Do you wish to own one now? Fret not and be ready to own your dream home (or at least close to it) because there is a thing called first-time homebuyer home ownership grant for homes for sale Long Island to help you make your dreams come true. The first and foremost requirement is that you should be a first-time homebuyer.

Who Can Get a Home Ownership Grant?

The number one requirement (as mentioned earlier) is that you must be a first-time homebuyer which means that an individual together with his or her better half have not owned a home within the three-year period preceding a purchase of a home with some financial assistance.

Any person who is a displaced homemaker who owned a home together with the spouse or resided in his or her spouse’s own home can be considered first-time homebuyer and also entitled to apply for the grant.

Any single parent who was married once and shared own home with his or her spouse or resided in the house owned by the spouse can also be considered a first-time homebuyer.

What Are the Other Requirements?

Your income must fall within the proper income guidelines for a particular county where you want to own one of the homes for sale Long Island.

Your income and credit history must meet the set standards to qualify you for a conventional mortgage (fixed) with suitable debt to income proportions.

You can only consider the following counties to purchase your property from: Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester.

Real EstateThe price of your home must be within the purchasing limit of the certain grant program. It is best to know first the purchase price limit (of the grant) of the particular county that you have decided to buy your house.

You must live in the purchased home within the term stated on the grant; otherwise, it will not be favorable on your part as you will be required to pay back all or part of the proceeds.

Houses that were built prior to 1978 must have Visual Assessment Test for Lead to be conducted by a certified professional regarding the matter.

You will be required to contribute at least 3% of the expected price of the property with your own money. The contribution may include savings, investments, and /or 401K plan. You will also be asked to produce legitimacy of contribution source or proof of source.

The property will undergo appraisal and should yield a value equal to or greater than the price that you need to pay in buying the property.

You are also required to attend one Homebuyer Seminar prior to application submission. You can check for the dates of the seminar and attend the most convenient schedule for you.

The earlier you turned in you application, the better your chances of getting a grant because they are processed on a first-come first-served manner. Incomplete applications will be put on hold and processing will only commenced once the applicant has able to submit all missing documents and completed the file.

To avoid inconveniences, make sure to secure all the necessary things that you need to secure in order to have a smooth flow of transaction and take advantage of your lead over other applicants. Owning one of the homes for sale Long Island is not that hard to achieve but you need to spend time, exert effort, and practice patience if you really want to make your dream a reality.

8 Eye-opening Facts You Must Know About Military Patches

It’s good to have basic knowledge about military patches before asking an expert. In this way, you may be able to determine if some of the statements of the expert are true. Let’s see how much you’re willing to learn about the patches.

What Are The Advantages of Military Patches?

PatchesThe patches can help you determine which organization that military members belong to. Military members who have an army patch protect other people by fighting on land. Military members who have a coast guard patch, navy patch, or marine corps patch protect other people at sea . An air force patch is for military members who protect other people by fighting in the air.

The number of “V” shapes that the patch has may help you determine the rank of military members. A military member has the lowest rank if his patch has one “V” shape. The highest rank is assigned to a military member who has a patch that has three or more “V” shapes. A patch with two “V” shapes is designated to a military member who has a middle rank.

How Does A Military Member Clean The Patches?

Distilled water and mild liquid detergent are used to clean the patches. The military member mixes the ingredients in a plastic basin. He soaks the patches and takes them out after a couple of minutes. He rinses the patches with cold water and pats the patches dry with a paper towel. He may substitute the paper towel with a soft, white towel.

How Are The Patches Applied To The Military Uniform?

Velcro is used to apply the patches to the combat military uniforms. The patches must be sewn on the formal military uniforms.

Where Are The Military Patches Usually Attached?

These are the areas where the military members attach their patches:

1. Center of the upper part of the sleeve.
2. Front part of the combat helmet.
3. Backpack
4. Shoulders
5. Above the breast pocket
6. Collar
7. Front part of a round, flat cap.
8. Body armor

Where Do Military Members Store Their Patches?

Military members store the patches in small, open containers. This is because the containers allow air to move through the patches. Without air, the patches may accumulate dirt and molds overtime.

Can Military Members Apply Patches In Any Size?

Patches that are less than 3 inches in width and height are usually worn on the sleeves and chest of the uniform. A military member can wear the patch on his shoulders as long as it’s 3 inches in height and width.

Do Military Members Only Wear Colorful Military Patches?

The military members also wear the non-colorful patches. These patches are only worn if the military members are wearing the combat military uniform. The colorful patches are only worn if the military members are wearing the formal military uniform.

Do Military Members Display The Patches If They Don’t Wear Them Anymore?

Shadow boxes and scrapbook binders are places where military members usually display their patches. If a military member wants to display his patches in the shadow box, he has to open the shadow box to separate its backing.

He will position the patches on the shadow box’s backing until he’s satisfied with the layout. A small dab of hot glue will be applied to the back of the patches. He attaches the patches to the backing. The shadow box will be closed afterwards.

If he wants to display his patches in a scrapbook binder, he has to determine how many patches will fit in each sheet of the scrapbook. He will position the patches on each scrapbook sheet. A double-sided tape will be applied to the back of each patch. He presses the patches firmly onto the scrapbook sheets. Each scrapbook sheet is carefully inserted in the scrapbook’s plastic sheet.

Military patches can be worn, displayed, and applied in different ways. You’ll know how to store and clean the patches when you have them.

Embalming as Part of Funeral Services

Aside from preparing the setting and decorations, obituaries and invitations, legal documents and ministers, and burial site or columbarium, one part of the funeral services is the embalming. Embalming is the method of preserving the body of the deceased before it is put in a casket and displayed for public viewing. This process delays the decomposition of the body.

The history of embalming can be traced back to Chinchorro in Chile about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago. It was also practiced by the Ancient Egyptians. It was referred to as the mummification process and it was associated with their spiritual belief.

During the Renaissance Period, the height of the scientific study about embalming was reached. There were chemicals and methods which were discovered and developed. In this modern era, embalming as offered as part of funeral services.

Funeral servicesFuneral homes have embalmers who are in charge of this process. They are licensed professionals, which means that they have proper education and training in the science of embalming. They take are required to pass an official licensing exam before they are able to practice their craft.

The process of embalming is quite simple. Its objectives are to cleanse the body and preserve it through the use of chemicals. First, the body is placed on a mortuary table where it is stripped of clothing and examined. The body is then cleansed and checked for muscle stiffness. In most instances, the embalmer is tasked to “restore” the appearance of the body to a more relaxed state. Such is the case when the face of the deceased has been disfigured in some way due to illness or accident. Any scars, bruises, or cuts that affect the body’s appearance will have to be fixed by the embalmer.

Chemicals are injected into the body to preserve it. The face of the deceased will also be cosmetically enhanced to make it look like he is peacefully asleep. The cosmetics used are no different from what is normally used by people who are alive. The family usually provides a picture of the deceased to be used as reference by the embalmer in the restoration process.

The clothing that is put on the deceased body is provided by the family. The choice of outfit is normally formal – a dress for females and a suit for males. The family normally chooses the deceased favorite formal. In some instances, the deceased has already picked out the outfit he wishes to wear before his passing. Other items that the family might want to put in the casket are also given to the embalmer. Rosaries and family heirlooms are common items that are put in the casket with the body. These are usually based on religious beliefs and tradition.

There are sanitation guidelines that funeral services providers are required to comply with. This prevents risks of contamination of the body and health issues among the family and friends who will be around the body during the funeral. It is important to ask the funeral director about certifications and proof of compliance to industry standards.

How the body looks during the funeral services is important. This is the last image that family and friends will see before he is laid to rest in his final resting place. Embalming is not a procedure that should be taken for granted. It is an important part of giving respect to the deceased and making sure that he is treated with dignity. There are some cases when the family opts to have a closed casket during the funeral. Even during these instances, making sure that the body is properly embalmed is necessary.

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How to Rework PCB Assembly?

Reworking PCB assembly is often a possibility when manually creating a circuit board. Circuits can be rearranged to achieve the desired function or to troubleshoot.

When handling the circuit board, handle by the edges. This way, contaminates are reduced. It will also prevent the risk of snapping off any of the leads. Turn the circuit board over and check for proper soldering of the leads. Then use the volt/ohm meter to check for proper sequencing and placement of the diodes, capacitors, transistors and resistors. Start reworking only after properly assessing which of the components is in the wrong place, soldered backwards, component wrongly connected or placed backwards. All these can be remedied by reworking the PCB assembly.

Pcb assemblySolder can be removed using a solder wick or a braided copper tape. A solder wick is recommended for reworking single sided boards. This does not work well on two sided boards that have plated through-holes.

To rework a PCB with plated through-holes, a solder sucker can be used. This is a device with a plunger. Once the plunger is released, a vacuum is created, sucking the solder out through the hole.

If no solder sucker is available, the cheapest method to rework a PCB assembly with two sided boards with plated through holes is by cutting the errant component out. The component is removed but a considerable amount of solder may be left behind within the hole. The solder can be gently heated until it freely flows out for removal. Be careful when melting the solder off to avoid damaging the pad. Another way to rework the PCB is by inverting the board and melting the solder until the component is loose enough for the lead to be pushed off the hole.

Another way to de-solder is by applying liquid flux. Apply a small amount to the component’s solder joints. Align the tip of the de-solder to the lead of the component to be removed. Lightly make contact between the de-solder tip and the component lead. Make sure to keep the tip of the de-solder off the pad to avoid damage. Slide the de-solder tip around a film of solder. Avoid putting pressure on the lands and conductive patterns while moving the solder extractor tip. Wait until the solder starts to melt. Then rotate or move the de-solder tip in a circular motion.

Continue doing so until the solder in the solder joint has completely melted and the component is dislodged. Activate the vacuum immediately to extract the solder from the joint. While applying the vacuum, continue with the circular motion of the de-solder tip. This motion allows air to cool the lead on the component and the plated through hole. Cooling prevents the re-sweating of the component lead to the other side of the plated through hole. Once all the melted solder has been vacuumed from the solder joint, slowly remove the tip of the solder from the lead of the component being removed. All the while, continuously apply vacuum until the de-solder tip is cleared from any remaining melted solder. Then turn off the vacuum. Gently remove the component from the PCB assembly.

After removing the errant component, rearrange and re-solder the leads. Make sure to have good connection. No solders should overlap or leak through the opposite surface. If a connection is out of place, cut out a segment of the trace. To cut the trace, use an X-acto knife. Make two small slices on the trace, ¼ inch apart. Heat the cut trace segment with a soldering iron. Apply firm pressure on the segment and keep heating it up.

Once the segment loosens, gently lift off the cut trace segment off the board. Sand the edge of the cut trace segment if the trace needs to be rerouted. Sand just enough to expose the copper, that is, if the board has a solder mask. Make the necessary new connections with a wire wrap- a 30ga, insulated, single strand, tinned wire made of copper. Test the PCB assembly again to check for function.

Accomplishing Portable Security

fireproof safe Every person has his own possession, property, and asset that he wants to secure and guard for as long as he can. It can be a document, money, or other stuff that has tangible importance to him. Luckily, there are various tools and methods that promote security for one’s valuables. Yet each tool is customized to fit and accommodate its consumer’s needs. It can be compared as to how houses are built according to their holder, or how cars befit their owner. A safe can be likely defined as a portable vault. It is typically a lockable chest that is used for securing objects or documents against fire, theft, etc.

Safes are made by either steel casting or plastic molding. It can be distinctly secured to a wall and structure or can be carried around. Also, it can either have a slit opening for dropping valuables or initiate a time-delay combination lock to avoid robbery. There are a few specifications for safes. The most commonly known are the theft-resistance safes, wall safes, and fireproof safes.

Theft-resistance safes are often secured by installing time-delay combination locks, regular combination key locks, and other type of electronic locking. Yet, to make it an efficient burglar-proof safe, it is specifically hardened and molded to resist damages from tools that can be used to attack and destroy it.

wall safeOn the other hand, wall safes are intended to provide hidden security for money and other valuables. These safes are commonly shown in movies in which jewels and documents are concealed by paintings that are pinned against the walls. This can also be classified as theft-resistance safes since it offers pry sunken doors with concealed joints.

Lastly, fireproof safes are some of the most popular types of safes. It is explicitly designed to protect its contents from fire. It is practically rated by the amount of time it can endure high temperature caused by an actual fire while not surpassing its defined internal temperature. Fireproof safes are expensive since they are also reinforced against dangerous chemicals. Its standard is identified to sustain an internal temperature no greater than 177 °C (351 °F) while in a continuously heated environment in excess of 1,000 °C (1,830 °F). This safe is tested with these given temperatures and usually prolonged at least 30 minutes or more depending on its grade. Moreover, it is tested to withstand ‘physical’ damage impact by allowing it to be dropped in a solid surface at a specified height and then testing it again for fire survivability. It is seen as an efficient way of testing safes and thus to further ensure its effectiveness and flexible functionality. Basically, a fireproof safe is the type of portable vault that one can use at home or office. It is essentially made to provide security for unfortunate yet commonly identified disasters that can destroy one’s valuables and treasures per se in an indoor environment. An mounted to a concrete floor is a very good example of fireproof safes.

What difference does it make in one’s life if he will use a safe? Evidently, it will increase the probability of his assets and valuables to be kept hidden and secured for a long period of time. His physical assets will therefore extend their ‘life’ and be sustained capably. The types of safe that are identified above will educate the potential consumers to find and identify the safe that is suitable for their needs and priorities. They are also carefully defined since they are different from each other. And they also have unique functionalities that are specifically made to prevent untoward life circumstances.